Cynteract is a Startup that aims to make rehabilitation more entertaining and efficient than other current rehabilitation treatments.

We have designed an intelligent glove with sensors that patients can use as game controllers for games and rehabilitation exercises.

With a variety of games and our platform we enable:

  1. To train in clinical and home care settings
  2. To monitor the excersises 
  3. An increased motivation 

Benefits for everyone

  1. The patient benefits from motivating rehabilitation. He receives continuous updates with new games and exercises for the glove.
  2. The therapist can monitor the patient's progress in order to be better prepared in his sessions. 
  3. The clinic benefits from the recommendations of the happy patients and can increase its capacities thanks to time savings.
  4. The health insurance company has lower expenses for the rehabilitation of patients, as this is shortened. In addition, rehabilitation is completed more frequently, which reduces the probability of occupational disability and subsequent injury
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“Gamification and Digital Health open up entirely new opportunities.”

Dr. Regina Vetters
(Head of Digital and Innovation, Barmer.i)

Jens Spahn

Digital Health in Rwanda

Rwanda faces the problem of not having enough therapists to care for the rehabilitation of patients. As a result, it is only possible to have therapists for rehabilitation in the district hospitals. There are 44 public district hospitals throughout the country, each serving 255,000 people. Patients must travel long distances to reach the few clinics by public transport.  

The glove offers the possibility to offer a decentralized rehabilitation close to the patient. In every health center in Rwanda that is widely used, the devices are then available for users. The results and progress are monitored via Internet by a therapist in a large hospital.

Success story

Paraplegic after a serious swimming accident.

The stationary treatment of Luca (17) has been completed and the ambulant rehabilitation cannot take place daily.
He is enjoying now training at home on the computer with our rehabilitation glove, although he only has a slight finger movement.


Glove - Setup

A little insight how our product can be used. We will go through the following steps, which include playing a selection of our games:

1. Unpack

2. Protective glove

3. Login

4. Choose game

5. Duration & Calibration

6. Play

7. Feedback

8. Statistics