About Cynteract

The Team was inspired by the idea when a friend suffered a stroke at young age. During his rehabilitation he struggled with the boring and time-consuming exercises included in many current rehabilitation procedures.

After a short time he stopped doing the exercises. This led to a deterioration of his hand functions. Concerned about our friend, the team decided to find a solution.

The glove is the result of hard work and dedication. The fact that they have been working tirelessly on this startup for four years is proof of their enthusiasm.

Core Team

The startup team keeps increasing and decreasing in size continuously.

The two RWTH Aachen University students are constantly involved in the hardware and software projects: Manuel and Gernot.

They got to know each other in the hallway, because they happened to live in the same building.

Gernot Sümmermann

Concerning hardware, Gernot is the perfect match for you and your projects.

Manuel Wessely

Machine learning, algorithms or just Unity3D, for software Manuel can help.


Whether local or international, many media have already reported about Cynteract. Bosch Sensortec even said about us:

“A Revolution in Rehabilitation: The smart Glove”

Small Tour

You are welcome to visit us in our office at:

Ottostraße 51A

52070 Aachen

Our History

We started our project over six years ago with "Jugend forscht". The largest European competition for young scientists. In 5 competitions from 2013 - 2015 we have achieved 9 prizes.

At the university, however, the technology was further developed and expanded:
In 2016, we presented a joint project with the Institute for Individualized Building Production under the direction of Prof. Brell-Cokcan at the international art fair "ARS Electronica" in Linz. The combination of our glove and a robot in harmony with a sound and video installation provided an impressive performance.

Through Prof. Brettel at the Transfer- und Gründerzentrum of the RWTH we had the great opportunity to present at the "RWTH-Transparent" in 2017 in front of a high-ranking audience. Other professors from various institutes support us with access to machines, their expertise and contacts in the industry. For this reason we were awarded with the Spin-Off Award of the university.